From the Worst Conditions to the Best Homes: The Amazing Story of Our Fabulous Four

On January 13, Maltese & More Rescue was contacted by the Orange County Animal Care Center regarding four senior male dogs that were in dire need of immediate medical attention. Although the four dogs were brought in as “strays,” we suspect that they were living in unsuitable conditions and were the result of neglectful backyard breeders. Maltese & More sprung into action and posted on our Facebook page (not so subtle hint to follow us on FB if you aren’t already) that fosters were needed immediately for these four guys.

Since all four of these little guys were estimated to be 12-years old, and each one needed serious veterinary care, we let our followers know that these guys could become permanent fosters.

We wanted nothing more than to start out 2022 by helping these precious animals live the rest of their lives in a healthy, safe, and loving home. We asked if anyone in the San Diego area had a place in their heart and home to help, to please reach out. Ann and Frank did just that.

Ann and Frank stepped up at a moment’s notice to foster. While they generously offered to rescue all four, we decided that Pimm and Westley, the two that were very bonded, would go to Ann and Frank. This is truly how fostering is the key to saving dogs that are in need.

That left Ronnie and Draco.

Thankfully, Linda, a Maltese & More follower, kindly offered to rescue Draco. Linda, a current dog owner has experience fostering and adopting dogs – and felt like Draco would be able to quickly settle into his new environment.

Maltese & More President, Dawn, would foster Ronnie, the smallest of the four and by far, in the worst condition. Read Ronnie's story here and how you can support Maltese & More.

A Huge Thank You to All for Your Kind Support

In just one week, we were able to provide all four dogs with the urgent medical care they desperately needed. All had collapsed tracheas. Westley required emergency surgery for a ruptured eye and a hernia. Years of neglect and abuse had clearly taken its toll on these sweet souls.

A huge thanks to Ann, Frank, Linda, and our awesome team at Rose Canyon Animal Hospital, specifically Dr. Mike for ALWAYS having such a HUGE heart to ALWAYS help our dogs in need. We are truly grateful and so blessed.

Dog rescue and adoptions are not easy or inexpensive. We are incredibly grateful for our transportation volunteers, foster families, veterinarians, our administrative staff, and our generous donors who ensure our mission can continue.

Three Month Update: From Foster Family to Forever Family

Westley (formerly Neville) & Pimm (formerly Harry)
Westley is healing very well, and we couldn't be happier with the progress he has made. He has recovered from an extreme case of kennel cough and healed well from an eye removal. Westley is still working on gaining some weight, but that'll happen in no time. He loves basking in the sun, cuddling, and playing in the backyard.

We are now thrilled to announce that Pimm and Westley will be a forever family with Ann and Frank. We couldn’t be happier to see these guys live out their years in a loving and happy home.

Another happy tail here! We are incredibly happy to share that Linda has officially adopted Draco. On Draco’s daily agenda, there is a whole lot of lounging around in the sunshine and an equal amount of spending a lazy afternoon in the backyard. Although he can choose to curl up anywhere in the house, he has claimed one special spot where he plays with his toys and watches the world go by – safe and sound with his forever family.